2018 Reflections

2018 Reflections

Wow, this was a crappy year for me. Professionally, it was wonderful. Except for the stress of my personal life, that carried over to my professional… that part wasn’t fun at all. In fact, it was what folks would classify as nightmares.

As I reflect on 2018, I realize I haven’t lived at all.. this year or honestly, the past few years. It was all work, work, work, with very hardly time for family or anyone. My friendships truly suffered. My physical health went to poo, too. My life was me and my customers. Boy, I love my customers… but there’s more to life!


It was until I almost lost my mom and then my husband, in 2018, when I woke the heck up, out of my slumber and it made me really look at MY LIFE. I’m now thirsting to live it.

You only live once. Your family will not always be here. Your kids will grow up and grow up fast. I look at my 7 year old, turning into a little man already and the time just whizzed on by. My little baby girl… isn’t a baby anymore. I see everyday those baby cheeks slowly going away and she’s turning into a young lass herself.

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My little baby, is no longer a baby.

It’s time to pause life. Whether it’s reserving a night, during the week, where you turn off all electronic devices and go out as a family. Or stay home and get out the board games. It’s a necessity to be present and make those memories. Otherwise, life will get you by the balls and you’ll lose your sense of fun and bewilderment. You’ll just be getting by. As that’s what happened to me.

It’s time to shake things up next year. Professionally and personally, things are already in place to do new things. Try new things and I can’t wait for 2018, to be a year of the past. So… hello 2019, it’s nice to finally meet you:)

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