Winter Maternity Sessions!

Winter Maternity Sessions!

Did you know… that maternity is one of our favorites to shoot? Both my assistant and I (mom, theeee best assistant, ever) truly love it. It is our FAVORITO. Why do we love it so much? Well, it is because it is an exciting new chapter in a couple’s life. It’s usually a life changing event, once your little bundle joy arrives. Tremendous emotions… everything from fear, to love, to anticipation comes to the surface. I know for me.. it was terrifying.. that you are actually responsible for another human being.. when sometimes you can’t even take care of yourself.. and trying to keep it together, am I right?


This time is a wonderful time to capture that belly bump silhouette. I know with my children, they enjoy seeing me huge, but seeing the belly they were once inside. This is also a wonderful time for the bubbies. Those babies get nice and big! Hahahaha!

I love maternity. We have a ton of gowns. All different colors. It’s important that dad and kids are involved. Although, it is mostly about you and the bump-a-roo!


Our goal is to capture you in a dreamy/ very best light to show off your bump. Our favorite time of year is winter.  It is the best time of light and the best time to shoot maternity sessions. As come spring and those warmer months, you are preparing for the bambino/bambina!


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Southern New Jersey maternity photographer. This was REAL snow.. a beautiful magical princess maternity session. Right here in South Jersey!!!



We know this is a tough time getting around. You can’t see your feet anymore, your feet and ankles start to swell… and you feel HUGE!!! But.. I can’t tell you how this is an important event to capture and look back on. Once the baby is here, it’s go go go. It’s nice to do something for yourself and especially great to document this new chapter in your life. Almost as important, as your own wedding day. Moments to look back on. As you get older, time just flies. You have a one year old one moment. and before you know it, they are heading off to college. Photographs are sometimes all you have, when someone passes.. or for memories.


Let us help you capture this bumpalicious time. We will help you get up… and help you move around, hahahaha. We know the struggle is real, but trust me, it’s all worth it. These munchkins will be the best thing that ever happened to you!


Contact us today to make it happen!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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