Winter Wonderland Sessions

Winter Wonderland Sessions

This time of year is THE BEST to have a session!!!!! Winter light is extremely soft and pleasing. It makes your skin look soft and beautiful. My subjects look more magical, due to the pastel light. I know it may be a little cold outside, but if you can withstand it, this is honestly the best time to have a session. When you approach the spring and summer months, lighting becomes a bit more harsh, especially in the spring. Spring light can be a bit more difficult to work with as there are no leaves on the trees, so it’s hard to filter the light. You sometimes end up with a more harsh light, depending on the location.


For winter sessions, we have you covered. From furs, capes, winter dresses… we have it all! The locations we choose in winter are a bit different from our offerings in the spring and summer, due to better lighting conditions this time of year.


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Lady in red in the forest in New Jersey. This is the best time of year for a photography session! The lighting is truly magical!


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Fall’s last light. Love this time of year with a random tree falling from the forest!


How are process works:


We take care of EVERYTHING. Honestly, all you need to do is show up. I have an assistant (my mom) and we get you dressed, get your headpieces going. Then off to shooting in this beautiful winter light. You tend to find us traveling all over the Delaware Valley Region. From waterfalls, to the pine tree forests.. to city this time of year.

We tend to be a stylized emotive storytelling photographer. We kind of sit back and help direct you, but we want you to have real moments between one another. Especially, with families, as that is our goal. We capture REAL smiles, not the, “say cheese” kind.


Every location we choose, we style around it. For example, I am sure you don’t want to wear something extremely formal on the beach or black.. it won’t look right. You want to go for those pastels, lights, brights.. and jewel tones. Black is more suited for city, or forest conditions.


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Love this time of year the dead grasses add a bit of texture to the elements. The light as you see is very soft.


NOW is the time to book your winter session as our spring through fall is booked out.


We would love to work with you and give you an amazing photography experience!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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