Our Magical Sessions!

Our Magical Sessions!

Did you know unicorns are not found in Greek mythology? They are actually in accounts of their natural history! For Greek writers, they were convinced that unicorns were real. Not only were unicorns written about in Greece (Mesopotamia), they were also written in texts in the ancient text myths of India and China.  The first mention of unicorns are written in 2700BC!! Unicorns are described as a creature of great power and wisdom. It’s no wonder why adults and children love them!

There is nothing more spectacular and fulfilling then to make a child smile! A pure, genuine, happy smile. No fakery, just kids being themselves. It’s every artist’s dream to achieve that in their work. It’s what I strive for in EVERY SINGLE SESSION. I want the best for my clients, every single time. When I get inquiries from parents that are looking for birthday photos with the classic cheesy smiles, it’s just not in line with the work we do. We turn folks away. It’s about managing expectations. We don’t want you to waste a cent on something that is not us and something we cannot deliver. Life is too busy to waste!


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Some of the magic we put into our unicorn sessions. Safety is our number one priority. We make sure are handlers are near and that your children are safe! We work with experienced professionals!

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The after image of our magical unicorn experience!!! (full image)

I want to talk about out our magical unicorn sessions. We love them. It’s not just a photo shoot to us, it’s an experience for all who are involved. We bring two racks of dresses, headpieces and of course, the showstopper… the unicorn! You have a ton of princess dresses to choose from. We bring a changing tent so that you can have your privacy and get ready. All you need to do is show up! Everything is on location.

Safety is huge for us. We have extra insurance because we are working with a live animal. We also contract with an experienced professional/handler who is also insured. The ponies we work with are experienced. Most are twenty plus years old and their behavior is pretty predictable at this stage in their life. The ponies we use, are use to being around children. A lot of them do pony parties and riding lessons. It’s important that safety comes first in every single unicorn session we do. It’s why we have an age limit for these types of sessions.


Our goal is to not only provide you with beautiful imagery, but we want your children to feel safe and to have a magical experience! We really love creating these sessions for our customers.


We have one date left this year. It is a rescheduled date. If interested, please email us, or fill out our contact form! We’d love to work with you!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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  1. Joanna Wishnoff says:

    Hello, i wanted to see if you were available for a unicorn mini session with twin 4 year olds and cost. Thank you.

  2. shootingstarphotographer says:

    Hi Joanna this came through my blog here and I don’t normally get them. If you could contact me via shootingstarsouthjersey@gmail.com, would love to discuss. We have upcoming mini sessions in April. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  3. Denise says:

    I was wondering how much a photo shoot will cost ?

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