The Magic of Childhood

The Magic of Childhood

The Magic of Childhood

I love talking about people’s childhoods. When it comes to photography a lot of my childhood, I like to bring forth and to create a story. In my eyes, my childhood was magical and I wish that today’s kids could enjoy the same childhood. 


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My kiddos playing in their band with tulips. I spent most of my childhood outdoors.

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When night meets day. Outdoors in a flower field. Reminds me of times of summer and playing in the fields. I like adding a little childhood whimsy to my photographs.


My kids are at the ages of 7 and 4. They are now starting to inquire and ask how my childhood was and the things I did. Almost everything I talk about, my kids say they wish they could do this stuff today.

In a way, I feel bad for my children. I feel they are missing out on a real childhood. Everything just seems so planned and no surprises. With my childhood, I’d come home from school, do my homework, then head on out until the lights came on.

There was no need for texts or phone calls. You’d pop into a friend’s house and say hey, Mrs. so and so… is Jenny home? Jenny would come to the door and you’d  say, “come on, let’s go ride our bikes.” The next thing you hear is Jenny saying, “bye” to her mom and her mom screaming back, “come back before dark!” And off we went!

It was a time before the internet. We’d ride our bikes, usually in a big group. Head up to the school. Maybe play some basketball, or suicide (it’s a game with a tennis ball). When those Street lights came on, it meant it was time to head home. Have dinner. Wash up. Go to bed.

Through all these activities, it was very rare to see any parents around…

Weekends, we’d go the the mall, movies, dances, sleepovers (a ton of them) or roller skating.

If winter, you’d find us at Flower’s Hill.


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Magic in the snow. My little snow princess.

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This is my daughter and reminiscent of my childhood in the snow. Both photographers were taken in my backyard.



If it was summer, we’d explore the forest, make forts, go crick stomping, hit up every friend’s pool, play knock knock zoom zoom, jailbreak and flashlight tag.

Of course there was sports, but today things are very competitive. We joined mostly to be social and to be with our friends.

Our only rule..  was to stay out of trouble and to be home when the lights came on.

It was frowned down upon to be home and play video games all day long. We were generally encouraged to explore and be kids. I know some parents use to go as far as locking their kids out of the house until it was nighttime when I was growing up!

In a way, I feel sorry for how things are these days. It’s all about play dates and parental supervision. Sleepovers are rare, unless the parents REALLY know each other. Popping in, or stopping by, without a text, or a call is frowned down upon and basic blasphemy to do to anyone.

In my day, if you traveled to an area and knew someone and DIDN’T try to stop by… you were considered rude. It was okay to just show up and knock… if they weren’t home, it showed effort on your part and was respected.

Kids are now left at home to their own devices. Whether it be reading, video games etc. they miss the exploring and natural curiosities of just growing up and learning things on their own. I feel these kids are missing out with bonding with friends and exploring their own environments.

Don’t get me wrong, kids still do things, but I think they lose the social connection and there’s a big disconnect. Some kids are struggling with anxiety and lacking how to be social.

We didn’t need Facebook or the internet because trust me, if you did something bad… word somehow got back to your parents and hell would be leashed.

I mean kid parties now…. Parents are required to stay there. In my day, drop off, have fun, get picked up… or walk home afterwards..  and that was that.

What the heck happened? Now, if kids did this stuff these days, most likely cps would be knocking. This is the crazy past, but it is what it is.

I understand a lot of it is because  bad things happen to little kiddos and there are bad people in this world. However, statistically we’re much safer than we ever have been. Due to technology.

So I guess my question would be… what happened? And why the shift?

More kids are staying indoors more than ever and obesity is going through the roof because of it.

Do you think things could ever go back the way they were? Even on a small scale?  Or are we just all doomed? 😂

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