Magical Beach Sessions in New Jersey

Magical Beach Sessions in New Jersey

First… I can’t believe I am on my 201st blog post. It’s been awhile. We’ve been too busy this year to actually sit down to blog posting. Our customers/clients always come first and of course, this ends up on the back burner.

It’s been since February, since my last post! I do need to post more. This is a sold out year, so things start to get a little muddled. However, I am very excited for upcoming beach portrait sessions at the Jersey Shore this year.

It’s something that I truly look forward to every year. A lot of our magic that you see on our website, facebook page, or instagram requires a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure our clients receive the best!

With every full session, we include access to our wardrobe. Making things a little easier on your end as all you need to do is show up. This is why we sell out year to year for our beach sessions.

I wanted to show a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes. You truly have to go into a session with a complete vision or that vision gets lost.

If you look at the below image, you’ll see what I am referring to. We shot this on a very rainy, cloudy day. Most of my out of cameras are spot on anymore. However, some days can throw us curve balls. It’s a true professional that can work in all conditions.

Jersey shore beach photography, before and after beach photographs
Before beach edit.
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After Beach Edit. From Jersey Shore.

I truly love creating magic for each and every single client that comes our way!!! Thank you for your support from the over the years!

WE cannot wait for more blogs to post and to come!!!!

Happy Shooting my friends! Dee

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