Magic Garden Series

Magic Garden Series

Welcome to this magical garden series for 2019! We have obtained a permit to shoot at the Mary Coffin Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. If you haven’t heard of this place, you need to check it out. Mary Coffin was the main designer at Winterthur Gardens and you see this carried over to this estate. She also worked on some gardens at Longwood.

Join me for a day of whimsy at this magical place. I have two spots left and this is our last offering of the year at this special limited series rate.

We will provide dresses and headpieces and we will have fun in the gardens.

If you would like to book this magical garden experience, please see the link above for more information. We would love to see you here!

There is one thing I am obsessed with. I always have been. From a young age to now an adult. It’s one thing that has always brought me joy. It’s flowers. Anything relating to flowers, I’m quite obsessed.

I obtained a Master Gardening Certification back in 2005. I love being able to identify bloom times of perennials and now am teaching my children how to identify these plants, just by their leaves. I have had gardens all my life.

From vegetable gardening with my father, to creating my own little magical “french courtyard” when I became an adult and lived in Havertown, PA. I took down an old dilapidated brick garage. Chiseled and sanded off the mortar of each and every brick. Used the brick to create walls around the property fence line and then even created brick flower beds. I had every variety of plant you could imagine, as my little courtyard garden was like a secret garden. Jasmine filled the air. Every Sunday night, we would light up a ton of candles. Listening to Frank Sinatra Sundays on the radio.

When I moved back to New Jersey, we bought a little house. All 1100 square feet. It was a blank canvas, so I got to work! Creating Rose of Sharon hedges for privacy on our little stone patio and boxwood and lilies.. everything lilies.. from easter lilies, to daylilies, to asiatic and oriental varieties and lots and lots of lavender. I had a small space, but made sure I made it my little heaven.

Our family was expanding and so it was time to move from our tiny house and we settled in Woodstown. We saw the house in the winter all snow on the ground, but I new the garden would be extraordinary in the spring. It was pretty much the reason I wanted my house. The garden use to be on state garden tours. It’s terraced leading down to a stream. This is now my new paradise that I call home and you could never ask me to leave. I love it.

As you can see, I have surrounded myself with flowers all my life. I couldn’t be happier. This is the joy I also like to share with every client that comes through the door.

This is why this magic garden series is special to me. It brings me back to my original garden… encapsulated within stone. It reminds me of my travels to England and France and the beautiful gardens that you seem to find anywhere you look. It brings me back to a time of garden leisure and sophistication. It’s one of my favorite places this year to shoot at.

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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