Lover of all things- bad ass!

Lover of all things- bad ass!

It’s no wonder I love this job and what I do! I love being one of the best magical photographers around in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and Jersey Shore areas! I have so many awesome locations I love to shoot at. However, there is one spot that is near and dear to me as a photographer and it is WHY I chose to move to good ol’ Woodstown in New Jersey!

My lovely little historic home use to be on garden tours of the great Garden State of New Jersey. It’s why I chose this lovely place. I saw the garden in the snow. Yes, we purchased our home on a look-through from a snow storm and immediately saw the potential of the garden. It’s beautiful arrangement of perennials, I couldn’t wait to get my hands in the dirt. I also love Woodstown. I wrote about this little gem of a town in my Salem County book. I am originally from Camden/Burlington Counties, but when I stumbled upon this county in New Jersey. I fell in love.

I also moved to my place because it resides on a dead on street. I was pregnant with my second little babe and wanted a home that I could live in forever and raise my family. This perfect little home was on a dead end street and in my budget. I wanted my kids to feel a little safe playing outside. Plus, it’s very quiet and peaceful.

Sooooo… every Halloween, I take my kiddos out on the street for their annual pictures. I love dressing them up every year and this year it did not disappoint.

This year they were Harley Biker kids and had to buy the bike to make these look even more bad ass! Hey, for a little dead-end street, it did its job.

I will post more sessions in the next few months to show you all what this year had to offer! It was truly amazing. It was a sold out year and I am forever grateful to every single client.

Thanks for choosing us… we really strive to give our customers the best in South Jersey!

Happy Shooting my friends! Dee

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