Merry Christmas and New Year!

Merry Christmas and New Year!

2020 Wow. Can you even freaking believe it? I can’t even express what has happened in the past decade. Lots of ups and downs and sadness/death. Happy times, bad times and all those in between.

My decade was a whirlwind.. from being twice-published (you can actually find my books on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles) to of course tragedy. However, I am still alive and kicking and I am not finished yet!

I think on days like today… New Year’s Day, we take a moment to reflect on our past and reassess our needs and what we want dearly in our future. In life, I want happiness and I also wish for happiness for every family that comes my way. Everyone goes through life’s challenges and everyone has suffered losses. My goal is to just try to make each and every day better for myself, my family and my friends!

This 2020 year, I have a burning desire to just do better. Do better for my clients, my family and just in life. A healthy mind and healthy body sort of thing. I’ve already started the process a few weeks ago and took time for myself to just get in a healthy place. I’m now working out and losing weight. I feel happier and lighter… and have learned to eliminate stress. I honestly feel like a brand new person. I feel like I can offer a different kind of energy moving ahead, to better my services and my clients. It’s amazing what positivity can bring and how it can change your life!

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Little girl twirling in her red dress on the Streets of Philadelphia

As I look back on all the families I have worked with, it’s pretty incredible to see each family grow. I mean grow like 6 feet tall growth, from a little boy and to essentially a man. I had a recent session like this and it made me step back and look at my life and to make the changes I need personally to move ahead. I virtually took off a few weeks (of course still working behind the scenes), but this time off, was a great time of reflection and for inner peace.

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Lollipop licks on a Christmas day!

I truly hope everyone in the Philadephia area had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! My goal is to post one blog post a day for at least this month of January!

Thanks for stopping by and talk soon! I am truly humbled to be here and have another great year! Happy New Year!

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