What a crazy 2020

What a crazy 2020

Wow! We did not expect this, for this year! Boy, have things changed and quickly! It was going to be a great year for Shooting Star Photography. A lot of changes were made. A new studio location was about to be open. Then… in a matter of days.. ALL of our lives changed. Which seemed to happen overnight. We changed our clocks forward, but if only we knew what the week would be ahead, after the change. I don’t think anyone could have ever predicted such craziness.

Most small businesses are shut down and not permitted to operate in these crazy times. I feel for anyone going through the struggle right now. The stimulus package will not help most of us small business owners.

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Family session in the snow at Shooting Star Photography.

Who knows when this will end. Some states have shut down schools for the rest of the year. My neighboring state, of Delaware, has shut down everything until May 15th. These are very scary times that we now live in and a lot of us are stressed, due to the unknown.

A beautiful portrait taken in downtown Haddonfield, New Jersey
A beautiful portrait taken in downtown Haddonfield, New Jersey

All we can do is band together to do what needs to be done. Help each other in these times. Be kind.

I don’t know what is to happen with my business in the future. I have been able to operate for the past five years. Who knows what will happen? I am unable to take on any sessions right now. This is our busy time of year and most of us small business owners do not qualify for any stimulus $$$$. Most of us are operating (because we still have overhead/operating costs) on savings at this point. I know wedding photographers that have been left bankrupt from this. Due to weddings being cancelled. I know studio owners that may have to close their doors. It’s a sad situation for all us small business owners right now. We just need to truck on by and stand together. This won’t last forever.

Stay in there. Use this time wisely. Brush up on skills. Eliminate and go over expenses. We’re all in this together. Stay strong!

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