Best Maternity Photographer in South Jersey

Best Maternity Photographer in South Jersey

Shooting Star Photography has been the top 10 maternity photographer, in the Philadelphia area, for the last 5 years. Via 

Their ranking falls on customer service (they’ve even “crank called” my business, to see if I would answer the phone) as a test to measure photography companies/studio and to measure their true customer service nature. Their ranking is not purchased or bought, or do they have advertisers that “promote us.” It’s the real deal as anyone can be “ranked” as the top or claim they are “the top.”

Their method is to promote value, with quality and customer service. That is something I do try and provide to all my clients. They are family and they become family. 

Maternity photography is truly an art form. It’s something I really love to capture. I love photographing adults and I find them to be as fun as photographing children. I’ve even photographed engagements. It’s something special. A true rite of passage to become a mom. My goal is to empower, the woman within. Show her true beauty. Capture the love between two people. 

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I have a ton of gowns at my clients disposal. From winter looks, to summery beach looks, I try to carry something for every size and customer. 

Nothing like showcasing you and your future, in the best light possible. The goddess within, I want to bring out and for you to shine in. 

When to come in:) 

I remember my first born. He was rough. Eleven pounds. Yup, 11. I could barely walk at 8 months and then I was put on bed rest. Whew! He was an exhaustive one. I do suggest around the 7 1/2 am to 8 month mark. That way you’ll be able to at least walk and/or be a bit mobile. Those last few weeks are TOUGH. At the end of our session, I’ll make sure your significant other gives you a grand old foot massage. 

Whether you like the city or a whole field of flowers, I git you covered for your maternity session. I’d love the opportunity to capture this special moment, in your life, for you! 

Happy Shooting, my friends!


Shooting Star Photography

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