Life sure does fly by. Here at Shooting Star Photography, our goal is to capture all these not-to-be-missed moments in stunning professional portraits. As you see, with our award-winning work, we make magic for our clients. We love to include our customers in every step of the process.

Shooting Star Photography is South Jersey’s most distinctive portrait photographer. We specialize in luxury-crafted and styled family, children, maternity and engagement photography. We proudly serve South Jersey, the Greater Philadelphia area, and Delaware.  We have unique locations from urban, to beautiful flower fields, to forest for our client’s disposal. We’re set about being a cut above of the local competition and providing a unique experience from start to finish, for every client that comes our way. 

Let us create something magical and unlike anything else in the Philadelphia area for you. 

As a special client, you will receive top-notch service and be treated as if you were a part of our family.  We really put our heart into everything from beginning to end and we want you to feel special. Yeah, we do great work, but we’re also about providing fantastic customer service. The kind you hear about from the good old days. 

We DARE to be a unique force throughout South Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and surrounding areas.  We’re known for our hundreds of incredible scouted locations from grassy meadows, to parks, rivers, lakes, private gardens, the beach aka Jersey shore… (Yup, we have secret spots there too)… to even a working relationship with a castle.

We offer custom and modern portraiture with classical elements.  Our style separates us from the rest.  We have an artistic, modern and classical feel to all of our photographs.  We’re about capturing moments… genuine and sincere moments.

From start to finish, we hope to meet and exceed your expectations.  We will put you and your family at ease! We will also assist in the entire planning process.  From where to have your session done, to what poses you would like, to what to wear and what artistic style you prefer!

When you book with us, we promise your experience will be a delight!  You’ll laugh, giggle and enjoy your session! It’s all about the Shooting Star experience from start to finish and we are dedicated to making it perfect for our clients!

 Shooting Star Photography offers exquisite craftsmanship and personalized art. And most importantly, it’s all about YOU. 

Warm Regards,  


Owner of Shooting Star Photography



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