Life’s too short… so life truly needs unicorns!   Unicorn sessions are a lot of work around here. They require a ton of time in preparation for things to go and run smoothly. Especially, with working with a live animal and to keep costs down for most since you have to rent the unicorn.. we […]

    BE THE CHANGE IN WHAT THIS INDUSTRY NEEDS.   I understand art is subjective. However, as artists we are continually critiqued. Some things invoke feeling… unpleasant or pleasant. There is a certain level where one must develop a tough skin… in order to thrive in this business. You need to realize that you […]

I want to eat your babies! Give me your babies! All the babies!! YES!!   Yep! I do.. not literally.. just figuratively! I love their squish, their infectious smiles, their laughter, their cheeks, their smell. Yep, babies have that fresh I’m here and new in this world smell.. (besides a messy diaper),  and I love […]






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