Philadelphia… My Love.. My Heart

I truly think it takes a bit of time in your life, to truly appreciate the little things in life. I've been fortunate enough to live in other areas of the region and travel the world. ¬†With folks I meet on these travels.. They like to ask where I am from and I say proudly, … Continue reading Philadelphia… My Love.. My Heart

Beach Sessions

Ahhhh, since we just had a tiny little snow storm here and have been getting freezing cold weather, I am dreaming of the beach this year. It's too cold. Haha! However, one of my favorite types of scenery to capture with family, children and maternity sessions are images at the beach. There's nothing like the … Continue reading Beach Sessions

Little Fairies!

I want to try to start doing a few more different things around here. My focus next year is very STRONG in where I want to go. I see a bright, bright, future ahead. I will be in business officially 2 years this February! Isn't that crazy?  Next month! So... who doesn't like a little … Continue reading Little Fairies!

A Tisket, A Tasket… A Strawberry in a Basket

We've been having some very odd spring weather... Well I guess "normal weather" in what we see this time of year in South Jersey. Some days it gets hot out and up to 60+ degrees and then other days call for snow. I took advantage of the warmer weather the other day and I found … Continue reading A Tisket, A Tasket… A Strawberry in a Basket

It’s a Dog EAT Dog… Photography World

This is going out to any new photographer out there. The photography world is a dog eat dog, competitive field my friends. They will literally eat you up and spit you out alive and then double that! For anyone just getting into it, it's a whirlwind of information and a bizarre Alice In Wonderland experience. … Continue reading It’s a Dog EAT Dog… Photography World