Starting a family is sometimes everyone’s ultimate dream in life and yes… it is scary, but there is nothing like bringing another human being into this world. Seeing those little feet and hands looking right up at you. There will be long nights of feeding and cuddling… and the lovely changing of those stinky diapers, […]

God gave you all a gift. He put that inside you. He gave you the gift of giving your absolute best with the minimal effort. Have you ever looked around you and said… “How did I get her in this point in life?” And where you can look around and see the blessings given all […]

Did you know… that maternity is one of our favorites to shoot? Both my assistant and I (mom, theeee best assistant, ever) truly love it. It is our FAVORITO. Why do we love it so much? Well, it is because it is an exciting new chapter in a couple’s life. It’s usually a life changing […]






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