Maternity Photographer in South Jersey   Have I told you I love maternity photography? I tend to shout this from the rooftops… all the time! If I could do maternity photography every single day.. I honestly would be happy and content in my career.   Seriously, this is one of my favorite times to capture […]

Maternity Photographers in South Jersey One of my absolute favorite things to capture in all this world.. is a mother to be. The glow.. the bump… the joy.. EVERYTHING.   I like to gather up the dads to be too…. After all, it’s a family celebration.. and we like to include other children/siblings. It’s something […]

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a few months since I even updated this blog here. It has been SUPER DUPER LOOPER BUSY. ┬áThat’s why. We’re having so much fun this year! Lots of great new locations, some new and old faces.. lots of neat themes, dresses the whole nine! We’re now heading into our […]






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