Hi there photographers!!   Do you struggle with greens in post production editing? Are you an east coaster and get some ugly neon green or yellow ugly grass in your photographs? Ugly green forests? Or maybe a field that needs a little color? Well, I have a solution for you!!! It may just work for […]

It’s been a magical spring! All these blooms.. From cherry blossoms, dogwoods, tulip trees.. right down to tulips and daffodils. Color and blooms are exploding with life. One thing I have been enjoying mostly are the cherry blossoms! I can’t wait to post some sneak peaks for everyone! They are truly beautiful and lovely!!!   […]

    BE THE CHANGE IN WHAT THIS INDUSTRY NEEDS.   I understand art is subjective. However, as artists we are continually critiqued. Some things invoke feeling… unpleasant or pleasant. There is a certain level where one must develop a tough skin… in order to thrive in this business. You need to realize that you […]






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