Hippy Shoot!

It's 2017 and another year of our "ice cream/boho photo shoot!"  We had a BLAST this year at this sold out event! It was so much fun! We can't wait to do it next year! Here is the first session from that shoot taken here in South Jersey. It's a new spot in Sewell and … Continue reading Hippy Shoot!

I know it’s silly because it’s only JUNE.. but it’s time to book your fall session!

Hi there! It has been an extremely busy year!  As you may have noticed... there haven't been many blog postings... but that is A-OK! It just means we are busy. I mean we are SUPER DUPER BUSY.  Most of the time, we are out and about or working on galleries. We definitely need to update … Continue reading I know it’s silly because it’s only JUNE.. but it’s time to book your fall session!

Little Fairies!

I want to try to start doing a few more different things around here. My focus next year is very STRONG in where I want to go. I see a bright, bright, future ahead. I will be in business officially 2 years this February! Isn't that crazy?  Next month! So... who doesn't like a little … Continue reading Little Fairies!

New Pretties Arrived Today!

Fall has been INSANITY.  It pretty much is for every photographer... but I have been exhausted and have been traveling all over the country the past month and throughout this current fall season..  it's about to get even nuttier around here, but I'm a rockstar and and I will rock out this season!!! It's okay, as … Continue reading New Pretties Arrived Today!

Another goodie has arrived!

Hey there! I am loving seeing this weather changing.. the leaves turning and it getting darker... aren't you? As my 5 year old started his "big boy" school this year, it's been an adjustment (although he was in preschool a few days a week previously.)  However, new school year gets me craving for the fall … Continue reading Another goodie has arrived!