Celebrating Christmas themed sessions in South Jersey. We bring magic to life.

Starting a family is sometimes everyone’s ultimate dream in life and yes… it is scary, but there is nothing like bringing another human being into this world. Seeing those little feet and hands looking right up at you. There will be long nights of feeding and cuddling… and the lovely changing of those stinky diapers, […]

https://shootingstar.gumroad.com/l/cityedit?_ga=2.218526297.1570921757.1635189347-860096719.1635189347&_gl=1*d0c7yq*_ga*ODYwMDk2NzE5LjE2MzUxODkzNDc.*_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTYzNTE4OTM0Ny4xLjEuMTYzNTE5MjMwOS4w Follow this link above to the editing video. I just opened up my editing shop so you can learn how to edit images like these in record time. This is a video to keep on hand. No actions are used and everything is completed edited from scratch. These edits can be completed in less […]






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