Some excellent key points in here and a must read! I figured I needed to write a better post on what to wear.  As you may not be aware, the camera picks up on everything! That little zit on your forehead well, on camera it will look like a volcano erupting on your face, […]

Folks have said time and time again on their initial contact with me, that my posing is very natural and that I truly capture one’s personality.  Posing naturally is actually not easy to do.  Most photographers struggle with this.  Other poses can seem really uptight or uncomfortable. Some posing gets used time and time again. […]

As my newer clients, within the last few weeks, have probably noticed or may have personally met..There is a new face among the Shooting Star South Jersey Photographer… and this person would be good ol’ mom. She has been my wisdom, my strength, my helper and sidekick this past month and without her, I honestly […]






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