These two came all the way from Burlington County for our special photo shoot, to one of my secret locations, in Gloucester County! I love all the scouted locations I have discovered throughout South Jersey! I’m playing catch-up with this blog here.  I was so busy this past fall, I had up to 3 photo […]

Welcome to Westville, here in South Jersey! Ladies and Gentlemen this is my one of my most favorite places in the entire world! It is one of my favorite spots because 1.  Not too many folks know about it… You’ll never see many folks here. 2.  Butterflies, butterflies… butterflies.. thousands of them… oh my! In the spring and […]

I take being a photographer rather seriously. I know the folks of South Jersey pay good money to have their photographs taken of their family and that these will be treasured forever. I am ALWAYS prepared ALWAYS. For every location that I have scouted in South Jersey, I know where the sun sets and the […]






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