What does it mean to be a boy? Oh, boy.  I love boys.  I have one of my own.    There’s always a certain kind of magical element watching your child grow and to see the testosterone starting and play its role in their ongoing physical and emotional development. Boyhood is a time where you explore, […]

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day!  You want to know why?  Love is in the air and it also means that winter is almost over!  It’s been a semi-cold winter here in South Jersey!   We’ve hardly had any snow yet… but I cannot wait for Spring… The birds, the bees, butterflies and flowers coming into bloom!  Warmer weather, […]

I truly love crisp and clean when it comes to studio work.  You really don’t want too much going on.  I’ve seen some sets where you can’t even find the kid because there is just clutter and props everywhere. A lot of times folks will use a ton of props because their skill level just isn’t there.  […]






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