Yes, I love maternity photography… it is my favorite thing in photography in the whole wide world! I get giddy when people contact me for it. Honestly!  I jump up and down in anticipation because I LOVE to do them! Would you like me to shoot it from the roof tops? Because I will! I […]

Hi South Jersey! Since we’re getting into the busy fall session, I thought this may be a great way to discuss how we do things at Shooting Star Photography!  I think it helps to put everything out there in what you can expect in working with us!!! 1.) What is the best way to contact […]

Hi South Jersey! We had an awesome time a few weeks ago! We had a full day event of Cherry blossoms in one of my scouted locations! This was a maternity session I shot during this mini session! And boy did mom rock it out!  I am trying to get more things up here on […]






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