Hey! It’s me.. your favorite New Jersey Photographer:) There is a reason why New Jersey is called, “The Garden State.” We definitely have an interesting topography. From forests, to lakes, to wetlands/the beach, we kind of have it all. All within a short driving distance. Hey, I know that Covid has us cooped up inside […]

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a child’s eyes all bright-eyed when they see the “Unicorn” for the first time. There’s something sweet and magical about it. I love bringing these special unicorn sessions to the families of South Jersey. It’s a craft I have tried to perfect over the years, as it’s not always working […]

With how this pandemic is going on, I am sure it is making everyone on edge right now. We all know this is necessary to stay in side. As this will pass. However, I am finding that the more and more this continues, that family is important. It’s more important more than ever. That’s why […]






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