With how this pandemic is going on, I am sure it is making everyone on edge right now. We all know this is necessary to stay in side. As this will pass. However, I am finding that the more and more this continues, that family is important. It’s more important more than ever. That’s why […]

Beach photography is sooooo hard to master. Often times, many photographers struggle getting it right. There are a ton of elements that go into it. From the sun to the wind, to the sand an water. There is a lot of elements at play to get it right. This is why I have done beach […]

2020 Wow. Can you even freaking believe it? I can’t even express what has happened in the past decade. Lots of ups and downs and sadness/death. Happy times, bad times and all those in between. My decade was a whirlwind.. from being twice-published (you can actually find my books on Amazon and at Barnes and […]






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