Communion Sessions in South Jersey It’s that time of year when you start to think ahead! I have had the honor of doing a few communion sessions since I started this journey! I love showcasing this pivotal and important time in a young lady’s or young man’s life! It’s a passage of life for most […]

I truly think it takes a bit of time in your life, to truly appreciate the little things in life. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in other areas of the region and travel the world. ¬†With folks I meet on these travels.. They like to ask where I am from and I say proudly, […]

I LOVE photography! It is my dream to do and to capture these memories for folks!!! I will be honest, this age is the most difficult to photograph! I find that if you encourage your subject to interact with the environment then you can definitely get some great photographs!!!     This session was a […]






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