This is an absolutely scary time. Not only for the virus, but for susceptible populations and small/large businesses. New Jersey has been completely shut down. Many businesses will start to suffer or struggle to even pay their lease or employees. People may be out of work for awhile for this virus to surpass. One thing […]

As a photographer, I love putting myself up to any challenge!  Recently, I put my skills to the test.  A lot of folks think it is the camera that takes good pictures… Well, they’re absolutely wrong!  It’s truly the person behind it! Recently, I put myself up to a challenge and I put forth certain conditions. I […]

I am still playing catch-up here in getting some of my work posted!  I’ve been so busy!  I just started an editing class and learning so much and with the business and the kids, it can get exhausting, but busy is always good in my eyes!  I just purchased new props, new equipment, new business cards, […]






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