Welcome to Westville, here in South Jersey! Ladies and Gentlemen this is my one of my most favorite places in the entire world! It is one of my favorite spots because 1.  Not too many folks know about it… You’ll never see many folks here. 2.  Butterflies, butterflies… butterflies.. thousands of them… oh my! In the spring and […]

Ruh Roh!  I’m about to open up a can of worms here! I may even make some folks a bit upset who say this is their profession locally in South Jersey… But here we go… Have you ever heard someone mention that they do all natural light photography?  Sometimes they use the word “organic” oooh […]

Welcome to Salem County, New Jersey, where we did this shoot!   This past fall, we had a photo shoot with this little cutie, here in Salem County!  The fall is my favorite shooting season!  I love the weather we have in South Jersey! From September to November, they are the most optimal months.  The […]






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