Oh… my…. goodness!!!  The weather has been FANTASTIC lately. For March, it has been pretty mild! EEEEEEK!!!! The magnolias have bloomed earlier than normal.. I have a terraced garden and it’s truly incredible to look out at what is in bloom.  The narcissus, magnolia, white willow, magnolias, hellebores, hyacinths and periwinkle giving me a beautiful […]

I have believed in a dream for so long! I always wanted to own my own company, but didn’t know what I actually wanted. When my daughter was born, something woke inside me to want to capture photographs of my kids. Photos that I would always treasure. My husband purchased a camera for me a […]

I write this blog for mainly other photographers (but I do write for clients from time to time) and I like to share  my insight sometimes into this crazy field… So here it goes because I know a lot of others go through, or are currently going through, what I’m about to write below. There’s […]






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