Bob Marley may have been onto something. I know things are complete insanity right now. I haven’t watched the news in months, but I do read, A LOT and I do see what it costs at the pump.  In my Shooting Star Photography world, I truly do want my clients to not worry about a […]

One reason that I got into photography, is my children. I just wanted to have pretty photos of my kids and to document them growing. I just wanted pretty photos and to cherish these fleeting moments. I purchased a camera in 2010 for a vacation, when I had my first child, Rocco, I would get […]

With this ever changing daily economic market (and boy,  is it crazy out there). From the lack of baby formula, to the craziest gas prices,  that I have ever seen in my lifetime ($73 to fill up my tank yesterday), to a possible recession. The world has gone bonkers.  Families all over the world are […]






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