What Do I Wear?


I get this question A LOT!!! What should I wear for my shoot?


Here are some great articles…. YES! Articles in regards to what to wear or what photographs well.  I’ve become a bit picky over the last year, but there are reasons for it. Some clothing choices photograph better than others.  I wrote these to help and explain the process better!  Click on a link!



Here are a few suggestions!  I will periodically update this page here.  I normally discuss what to wear with a client prior hand as it depends on what we are generally shooting and our theme!  Some clients even text me photos! That is perfectly fine! I love that!

What to Wear and What Not to Wear
Basic Style Guide
Here’s just a general understanding and “base” to kind of go by.  Normally, you grab one outfit you like and then build on that around the rest family’s wardrobe!  It seems difficult at first, but mom… if you have a nice outfit you love… put it on the bed and then rummage through your kid’s closets.  I guarantee you’ll build a nice theme and style for your session!






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