Recently, a popular artist went under fire in the photography community. Many say it was warranted. Others have chosen to keep supporting this person. I use to support this “community.” Until, I started to see how cruel they were to customers. How myself was bullied and even brought it up to the head honcho… and […]

Yay! You booked your session or are planning to book with us. Now that we tentatively have you on the books! I seriously cannot wait. If we haven’t talked about the location or setting you want, we can do that soon! I want you to envision how you see yourself and your family… And truly […]

It’s been an extremely busy summer! From a scare with my husband which ended up with him having to be hospitalized. We weren’t even sure he would make it or even walk again… and then he was transferred to a facility and having to go through rehabilitation. It was pretty rough for the family. Tough […]






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