Unicorns are the most magical creatures that frolic on this earth, aren’t they? Well, to our adoring children’s eyes, they are. As magical and “real” as all the rainbows in the sky.  

It is no surprise how much we love to photograph our families! Most of our sessions are family sessions. Shooting Star Photography has scouted locations all around South Jersey and beyond, for the most ultimate family session. Whether you are looking for a forest setting (shown here), a wildflower field, or at the Jersey Shore […]

Bob Marley may have been onto something. I know things are complete insanity right now. I haven’t watched the news in months, but I do read, A LOT and I do see what it costs at the pump.  In my Shooting Star Photography world, I truly do want my clients to not worry about a […]

We’ve been doing unicorn sessions for a very long time. We started it in the Philadelphia area and a few others have come onboard. However, safety, consistency in the art we deliver and the art of the finished product, is what truly stands us apart in the Philadelphia area. It’s not about the images, although […]






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